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Minimum Wage Increases for Authorities Contractors

Minimum Wage Increases for Authorities Contractors

Executive Order 13658 boosts the minimum wage to $10.10 each hour, effective The month of january 1, 2015, for several workers supplying services under new contracts with the us government. The Ultimate Rule, the very fact Sheet, and also the FAQs are on the Department at work website.

Contracts taught in Executive Order include new contracts (1) for construction taught in Davis-Bacon Act, (2) for services taught in Service Contract Act, (3) for concessions, and (4) for supplying certain services in federal structures for federal employees or everyone.

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Minimum Wage Increases for Federal Government

Executive Order 13658 increases the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, effective January 1, 2015, for
certain workers providing services under new contracts with the federal government. The Final Rule, the
Fact Sheet, and the FAQs are located on the Department of Labor website.

Contracts covered by the Executive Order include new contracts (1) for construction covered by the
Davis-Bacon Act, (2) for services covered by the Service Contract Act, (3) for concessions, and (4) for
providing certain services in federal buildings for federal employees or the general public.

The implementing regulations define a “new contract” as a contract that results from solicitations issued
on or after January 1, 2015, or a contract that is awarded outside the solicitation process on or after
January 1, 2015. Both new and replacement contracts are subject to the Executive Order. Contracts,
however, resulting from a unilateral exercise of a prenegotiated option to renew an existing contract are
not covered by the Executive Order.

Workers performing on or in connection with covered federal contracts whose wages are governed by the
Fair Labor Standards Act, the Davis-Bacon Act, or the Service Contract Act are entitled to the $10.10
minimum wage; however, workers employed in bona fide executive, administrative, and professional
capacities, as well as learners or apprentices, are not entitled to the $10.10 minimum wage.

The Executive Order requires contractors and subcontractors to include specified contract language in
any covered lower-tiered subcontracts and to notify all workers performing on or in connection with
covered contracts of the minimum wage rate under the Executive Order. The Executive Order also sets
forth certain pay frequency and record keeping requirements for contractors.


Federal contractors who enter into new or replacement contracts in 2015 should be familiar with
the requirements of Executive Order 13658 and its requirement to pay the $10.10 minimum wage
to workers where applicable.

If you would like to discuss the Executive Order or any of its provisions with our lawyers,
please contact one of the following:
Peter A. Dagostine
Dennis C. Cavanaugh

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