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Obama Issues Executive Order and Presidential Memorandum Concerning Equal Pay Initiatives for Federal Contractors

Obama Issues Executive Order and Presidential Memorandum Concerning Equal Pay Initiatives for Federal Contractors

Yesterday, President Barack Obama issued a professional Order and Presidential Memorandum meant to address equal purchase women (Click the link to gain access to the manager Order and here to gain access to the Presidential Memorandum). The Manager Order prohibits federal contractors from retaliating against a job candidate or worker who discusses their pay with another as the Memorandum directs the Secretary at work to gather compensation data on gender and race. These executive actions came on the day that activists call “Equal Pay Day” — to start dating ? that symbolizes how long right from the start from the twelve months a lady must still try to generate the equivalent pay a guy inside a similar position earned throughout his previous year of employment only.

The administration’s actions try to boost the flow of knowledge among federal applicants and contractors to shut any gender gap in compensation and encourage other employers’ voluntary compliance with this particular unrestricted discourse. The Manager Order provides, partly, that “[t]he contractor won’t discharge or perhaps in every other manner discriminate against any worker or applicant for employment because such worker or applicant has asked about, discussed, or disclosed the compensation from the worker or applicant or any other worker or applicant.” The Manager Order doesn’t affect instances by which:

[A]n worker who can access the compensation information of other employees or applicants as part of such employee’s essential job functions discloses the compensation of these other employees or applicants to the people who don’t otherwise get access to similarly info, unless of course such disclosure is as a result of a proper complaint or charge, in furtherance of the analysis, proceeding, hearing, or action, including an analysis conducted through the employer, or perhaps is in conjuction with the contractor’s legal duty to furnish information.

Obama has provided the Secretary at work 160 days to issue suggested rules to apply the brand new order.

As the Executive Order particularly addresses federal applicants and contractors, all employers should pay attention because the executive action today can lead to a rise in wage-related lawsuits underneath the Equal Pay Act and Title VII, each of which stop sex-based discrimination in worker compensation. An interior overview of future and current worker compensation might be warranted because of the publicity and push from the administration to bolster equal pay within the workforce.

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